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What’s Inside:

Sacred Florals: A delicate blend of floral notes that captivate and enchant, perfect for moments of romance and elegance.


Excotic Woods: Warm, earthy tones that evoke a sense of mystery and depth, ideal for grounding and calming the spirit.


Celestial Clean: Crisp, invigorating scents that refresh and uplift, perfect for a burst of energy and clarity.


House Blends: Unique seasonal or experimental fragrances that surprise and delight, offering an unexpected sensory journey.


Why they will love it:

Variety: Four distinct scents to suit every mood and occasion, allowing the recipient to explore and enjoy different fragrance profiles.


Natural Ingredients: Each perfume is crafted with pure essential oils and botanical extracts, ensuring a natural and eco-friendly choice.Long-


Lasting: Our perfumes are designed to linger beautifully on the skin, providing hours of enjoyment.

Experience the art of natural perfumery with the Scents & Spirit Perfume Gift Box, and give the gift of exquisite, handcrafted fragrances that inspire and delight.

Perfume Gift Box

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