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Imagine bottled flowers, fruits, woods, and spices that dance with your pheromones, made in small batches and shipped within 2 to 7 Business days. 


True Empress Natural Perfume ~ Ethereal, Alluring & Soft Floral 

Virtue Natural Perfume ~ Pure Lucious, Vibrant & Sweet.

MoonFlower Natural Perfume ~ Sensual, Lush, Delicate Floral. 

Monarch ~ Intoxicating Petal Fresh, Exotic Green Blossoms.

SkyLark Natural Perfume ~ Exuberant, Ripe, & Opulent.

HeavenScent Natural Perfume - Orchard Fresh, Crisp Blooming Flowers

UberFresh - (Well, it's uber fresh:) Clean, Crisp, Spring 

Autumn Knight Natural Perfume ~ Refreshing Forest, Crisp Cedars 

Sovereign Natural Perfume ~ Fresh Woods, Gentle Balsamic Spice 

Ever Green Forest Natural Perfume ~ Invigorating Deep & Brisk Fresh

Rosewood Natural Perfume ~ Woody Floral, Resinous Mountain Musk

Night Flower ~ Aromatic Fresh Earth Musk



If you want them to wonder what you are wearing, get the Good Goods.

Fragrances are more than scent enhancers – they become a part of your identity. Our natural perfumes harmonize with your body chemistry, creating a scent that is uniquely yours.


Natural perfumes are:

    •    Environmentally Friendly

    •    Do not contain Harmful Ingredients

    •    Provide Holistic Aromatherapy

    •    Have a Long-Lingering Fragrance


The botanical essences used in these perfumes have been known for their healing and mood-enhancing properties for centuries. From calming lavender to invigorating citrus, every ingredient offers its own set of benefits.


Contact us via email if you have any questions or issues. Visit our blog for more on Natural Perfumes use, care and ingredients


Not sure which scent profile to try? Get the mini set and sample all of our best natural perfumes. Pair our natural perfume scent with our natural buttered lotion for the perfect gift set!



Natural Perfume Sets

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