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Awaken your spirit with scent. 

   Pure. Potent. Exhilarating Natural Perfume    

Experience the bliss of natural perfume with our artisanal blends. Each fragrance evolves with your chemistry, creating a personalized distinct aroma that is truly yours. Our earth friendly perfumes are a pure, potent, and long-lasting alternative to synthetic, mass-market fragrances and deodorants. Take a scented pause and reconnect with scents  made to invigorate your spirit.

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Get A Seasonal Box of Six perfumes delivered every 3 months.

You will never get tired of switching up your scent. Our perfumes can be worn individually or you can blend and layer them to match mood, the occasion, or the season.

But What does it smell like?

Sacred Floral collection is the essence of exhilarating flowers that entice senses and arouses sensuality. The fragrances in this collection are a blend of intoxicating floral aromas ~ these are enchanting and unforgettable scents cherished by many.


The Celestial  Clean collection captures the essence of crisp, invigorating energy. These refreshing pristine aromas evoke clarity and rejuvenation, reminding us of the simplicity of nature. A burst of freshness that lingers beautifully ~ an uplifting and energizing experience.

Exotic Woods is a blend of rich harmonious woody earth tones that evoke the tranquility of a deep forest. A collection of warm musky notes reflecting the lush dense fullness of earth.


In addition to these,  each box includes exclusive blends not available in the shop, specially crafted to capture the essence of each season.Also, there is a complimentary jar of our butter-rich lotion. This luxurious addition ensures that you not only smell incredible but also feel pampered and cared for.

Made with the finest quality essential oils and botanical extracts sourced from their countries of origin, our perfumes are a friendly alternative to synthetic, mass-produced fragrances. Sidebar:  $120 per subscription box, billed every three months. You can cancel anytime, but we know you won't want to after turning heads with our natural perfumes! Check out reviews below from customers like you.

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1. Submit the subscription form above.
2. Get ready.  You will receive a set of six artisanal perfumes, plus a  jar of butter-rich lotion within 5-10 business days, every three months.
3. Savor and uncover your collection of unique, natural scents that evolve with your body chemistry, creating a personalized and distinct fragrance  truly yours.
Let our perfumes inspire and empower you to connect with nature and nurture your spirit through the beauty of scent.

Arts & Crafted

The clothes we choose to wear are like second skin; from the fabric to the colors that adorn our bodies, every choice reflects mood, culture, personality, and sexuality. Clothing can be  expressions of our innermost selves bringing joy as tools of empowerment. We hope you wear beautiful things that speak volumes and resonate with the spirits of your soul.

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